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Top 5 Sock trends in 2019

Top 5 Sock trends in 2019

Whether you decided to go sockless or not, this guide will give you some of the latest trends that will help you have the perfect sock combination for your outfit. The overall outfit is impeccable because it features your shirt, jacket, vest, pants, and shoes. When you combine all these together they can give you the best appearance, sometimes even your pockets can add to the look. Socks also aren’t left behind when it comes getting the best look, you don’t want to sit down and your gym socks are showing.

It’s common that most people don’t bother on the type of socks they wear not knowing that socks play an important role to the overall look of their outfit. Your socks should match with the remaining outfit you’re wearing because most of the time when you sit down your socks show up. There are some things you need to keep in mind before choosing the right socks for your outfit combination and that’s what this article is going to talk about.


How Add The Right Socks To Your Outfit

There are a lot of patterns, lengths and colors to choose from and that’s why it’s sometimes challenging to find the right socks that will match the outfit, there are basic rules especially when it comes to color. In the past most people match their socks with trouser only, but now things have changed, there are many trends that are going on, let’s look at some of the latest trends when it comes selecting socks.

  • Unless you want to get a sporty look, white socks don’t really look good, of course they have their own occasion, but in the mean time you need let them rest in the drawer.
  • If you want to make a bold statement with your outfit, adding patterned socks with the finest suit is a good option and it takes confidence.
  • If you’re not confident when it comes to styling socks you should choose something classic or plain pattern like argyle.
  • Before choosing any socks you should make sure that it matches with some of the outfits you’ll consider adding the socks to. In short you need to have different color set that can be added to your different outfit.
  • Your socks shouldn’t have any visible holes, most people don’t realize it but they do make this mistake a lot.


Sock trends in 2019

Choosing Plain Socks

If you are a stickler person and want to match your socks with trousers, a plain socks is the best option for you that’s black, grey, or navy. If you want a textured fabric or a neutral color, you can add this combination to a simple outfit, they can be matched with trainers for casual outfit, plain socks are also a good option to office outfit especially black color.



Bright socks are also among the latest trends, sometimes they can be a little harder to style with your outfit, but confidence is the key. Bright colors are ideal for informal situations, if you’re however not sure you should add something that’s less attractive.



Patterned socks have the same trends as plain socks, polka dot, argyle and stripes, they belong to classic patterns. These collections can be added to your pair of loafers or smartest lace up provided the color of your outfit isn’t that crazy. Socks embedded with different patterns can match your everyday t-shirt and jeans; they’re also best paired with your trainers since they represent more causal style.



The length of your socks also play an important role when styling your outfit with socks, liner socks or no show socks can give you the illusion of getting sockless. Anklets are styled with Plimsolls and trainers; they provide a glimpse of color around the ankle and are good casual outfit. Over the calf length socks and mid calf socks can both be added under your trainers and jeans. You have to ensure that they’re well fitted that you don’t have to pull them up all day long while they sag all around your ankles.


Matching Socks With Pants And Shoes

A lot of people ask this question a lot and precisely the answer to this question all depends on you. There are a lot of politics behind socks wearing instead of just matching them. If you prefer to match your socks with pants or shoes you can go ahead and do it, if you’re also not interested you can also combine with the colors you find are more fitted with your outfit.


Socks And Shorts

When it comes to matching shorts and socks, you can either hate it love it, matching them together is like marmite. If you want to pair your socks with shorts you should go for mid calf length socks, you should to this properly and make sure to pull them up. If you want to get casual look you can combined them with loose fitting shorts and trainers. If you’re going to a smart place like having lunch in the sun, you should go with tailored shorts and brogues because they’re perfect combination for such occasions.


Should You Go Sockless?

Wearing socks have a lot of advantages; one of the biggest advantages is that it prevents your shoes from smelling. If you still prefer to go sockless there are some golden rules that need to be followed if you really want your outfit to look good;

  • Your trousers or jeans should be well fitted; you should wear slim fitting trousers.
  • Jeans and trousers should also finish at your ankle.
  • You must wash your feet and freshen up your shoes inside.
  • Going sockless can be sophisticated sometimes, but you have to understand that there are formal situations where you have to add sock combinations to your outfit.
  • If you decide to go sockless you should keep your ankles area clean because you don’t want people to notice your unsightly leg hairs.


Can You Wear Sneakers Without Socks?

It’s best to wear socks when you’re wearing sneakers for the purpose of sporting, you can also go sockless if wearing low top trainers together with slim fitting jeans, or when wearing summer shorts. You should avoid joggers; you don’t want yourself to look like you’re just out of bed and forget to wear your socks. Summer time is the best time to go sockless with your sneakers.


Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are good options when you want to get a smart casual look because they give you the edge of formability to your daily jeans and t-shirt outfit. You can put them on sockless and are great to wear during summer; boat shoes are summer shoes and are perfect for warmer months.


How To Avoid Foot Funk

Socks help greatly in avoiding food funk but if you still decide to sockless and want go with barefoot you have to make sure that you give your foot and shoes TLC so that you can avoid unpleasant odors. You can do this with some home tricks, pack up your shoes and then add baking soda, teabags, baby powder or kitty litter. If you can’t do that you should consider putting them in your freezer so that you can destroy the bacteria.


Getting On The Street Without Socks

Sometimes when you’re trying something new you can drive a lot of inspiration from other likeminded people, this will give you more confidence when you want to try a new look. If you want to have that smart casual look you should put on your favorite suit jacket and trousers, you should also add other accessories like hat or sun glasses, if you want to sockless you can add low top trainer to give you a casual edge. You can get a little smarter by adding a pair of brogues, while still going sockless they help things remain formal.


Here Is A Quick Guide To Wearing Socks

  • You should understand that when wearing socks they have to match your outfit appropriately, make sure they’re clean and don’t have holes.
  • There are various types of socks for different occasions, when styling a suit, socks bold pattern is the best combination.
  • There are fewer rules when it comes to wearing socks than if you decided to go sockless, you can go ahead and select a lot of styles you haven’t tried in the past.
  • Before going sockless you have to consider the weather, if it’s sunny you shouldn’t look like you’re forcing a style.
  • Trousers play a major role when choosing your socks pattern; ensure to wear slim pair no matter what type of material.
  • Consider the occasion, formal occasions will demand more polished look.


Socks or no socks, it all depends on you, they both can affect a wide range of formalities. Styling socks can be difficult if you choose brightly colored socks or patterned socks, but if you wear them with confidence you’ll definitely kill it. Most people over looked socks, they usually end up in a mismatched bundle in their drawer, but with the right combination they can enhance your outfit, so it is time to give them more attention they deserve.

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