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Are you still too nervous to try pairing brightly coloured socks with your normal work wear? Do you find yourself in a mild state of panic when sock shopping and you cannot find plain black socks? Ever find yourself slightly envious of your co-workers and friends quirky patterned socks? Then this sock style guide might just be for you.

All sock fear and confusion can be eliminated and you will be able to confidently stride forward into the world of sock fashion, turning heads with an elegantly dressed ankle.

There are a few things to consider when buying and wearing socks. Your shoes, pants and the occasion will be some of them. Many men are still having trouble deciding what works. Hopefully, after reading this, it will be clear and make your journey through life a little bit easier.

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Just like there is a shoe for every purpose, there is a sock to match. The trick is to know which goes with which, when they will look great and when they will look out of place. That little bit of knowledge could be the key to pulling your ensemble together and adding a little dab of confidence, which will shine through on any occasion.

Simply adding brightly coloured or patterned socks to your outfit will not necessarily be the solution to a style problem. When you understand a few basic rules, you can find what works for you by bending and breaking to suit your own personal style development. Although they are a very small part of your overall look, socks are almost the equivalent of a woman's lingerie or jewellery in your manly outfit. That small flash of sock should be a positive, not a negative that will wreck your ensemble.

Remember the colour wheel you learned in junior school art class? Opposite colours complement each other, colours on either side of each other are similar and contrasting colours are separated by three colours on the wheel. Yes, it's a lot to remember, and honestly, who has the time? The most fool proof way to choose sock colour is to find a matching tone. For example, your charcoal socks will go nicely with your mid-grey suit, your navy chinos will suit a pair of cobalt blue socks.

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Take the next bold step in the sock adventure and keep the same colours and tones as your trousers, but think about introducing a pattern or texture for something a bit more interesting, remembering that textures will add weight and you may not need that. A chunky sock with a sleek suit? No thank you.

If you opt for a patterned sock, look for a base tone that will match your trousers, such as a red, blue and white paisley patterned sock with your navy chinos. The red will be eye-catching, and the blue will pick up the pants colour. To take it several steps further and be more bold and fashion forward, try a vibrant yellow sock with burgundy pants, or pink socks with navy pants or dark blue jeans. A perfect pairing.

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