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A wedding is a very exciting time for any couple. Traditional or not, the wedding should reflect your combined wishes and style. Much of the planning and arrangements will be around the bridal party, wedding dress and bridesmaids outfits, and very often the groom and his party are left to follow instructions from the bride.

Coordinating his wedding outfit with hers should be a joint decision, with a bit of freedom to enjoy the experience, while keeping it special for both of you.

For a formal wedding, the groom and his party will likely be wearing suits, with boutonnieres that have been carefully coordinated with the bridal flowers. In addition, their ties and cummerbunds will match the chosen color theme of the wedding. Now think socks. Men love socks!

nice socks for wedding

The recent trend towards a more relaxed and fun wedding experience has seen the men in the wedding party wearing matching or similar socks, veering away from the plain, formal black of yesteryear. While the socks are hidden during most of the ceremony, these bright socks will make for fantastic and unique wedding pictures as well as adding fun and color to the day.

For instance, whatever your chosen theme, getting the men in the party to wear striped or spotted socks in varying shades (no matches) of one colour. Another way to add flair would be to have them all wearing identically coloured socks, with different patterns – so, bright green socks in stripes, spots, argyle, plain etc. Put your groomsmen into socks with a superhero theme for some really interesting photos.

great black and red wedding socks

An amusing option is to match your socks to the bride's shoes, should she be unconventional and wearing footwear that is both comfortable and funky. Beneath her glamorous, formal wedding gown she could be sporting a pair of purple and turquoise All Stars. Find your groove with a pair of socks in a matching color print, however quirky you wish them to be. Other than white, the point is to come up with a meaningful sock pattern that will be an interconnecting part of the entire theme for the day.

Try to avoid the common mistake of a tie, pocket square, cummerbund and socks in the identical color. It will look like a minimal amount of effort was put into the outfit and the accessories were a bulk buy from an off brand warehouse store.

bright yellow wedding socks

A sure fire way to ensure the groom and groomsmen are as coordinated as possible is to start off right. Personalise your invitation to each of them to be in your wedding party by purchasing the socks and ties ahead of time. Wrap them with a note requesting them to be part of your special day and present to each of your chosen friends. This way, that small but important detail is taken care of and done with a flourish. On the big day, you and your groomsmen will be dressed to impress even the fussiest of brides and bring a smile to those attending the wedding.

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